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To love or not to love

Every now and then I get messages from people who tell me they’ve given up on love. They don’t want to try any more because they’ve tried for years or even...

The right way to compare to others

We all compare. It’s human nature. We look at other people’s lives and notice the differences. We are younger, older, smarter, wiser, more or less attractive, healthier, richer or poorer....

5 not-so-easy steps to finding love

The 5 not-so-easy steps that are sure to make you find true love the very day you master them. I guarantee you it will happen the same day – even if you choose to lock yourself at home, turn off your phone, disconnect the internet and refuse to answer the doorbell – he or she will find the way to drop down your chimney. Even if you don’t have a chimney.

Is loving yourself selfish?

Loving nizagara yourself the right way means you love everything that is human about you and others. It creates a feeling of abundance, and in return – you have more to give to everyone.