I am not what most look for (in a partner)

Dating is a tricky business. You want to find your right match, but you often feel you have to look and sound your best, not just be your every day, ordinary self when meeting new people. It’s important to impress them, isn’t it?

What is it that men want? What is it that makes women tick? Those questions come up very often in my work with clients, especially when they feel they are not what most look for in a partner.

Do we need to fit a certain type or set of criteria for looks and personality to be loved?

Here is what I think.


What do you say, be yourself – or be the one everyone will like?

Do you go on dates looking and behaving your absolute best, no matter how you feel that day?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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3 Responses

  1. issy says:

    I really agree with this.brilliant.

  2. Klaudia says:

    Is it no longer possible to add comments to your older posts?

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