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They don’t want us to be together

In today’s world, following our heart’s desires is pretty much a standard path to long term relationships and marriage. But there are still countries and cultures in which family and...

Role-playing in relationships

Are we playing the right roles in our relationships? Are we friends to our friends, and partners to our spouses? Are we parents to our children? I know it may sound confusing – how can we not be? – but many times in relationships we play roles which are not appropriate and healthy for that type of relationship. We become friends to our children, and parents to our parents, or therapists to our partners or friends.

Single again: who am I without a partner?

Romantic relationships can be a big part of our identity. Especially if they last 10, 20, 30 years – sometimes it’s half of our lives or more. We get so...

Do you believe in soul mates?

Soul mates are an intriguing concept. The idea there is only one person in the whole world who’s your perfect love match is both exciting and frightening. It can give...

5 not-so-easy steps to finding love

The 5 not-so-easy steps that are sure to make you find true love the very day you master them. I guarantee you it will happen the same day – even if you choose to lock yourself at home, turn off your phone, disconnect the internet and refuse to answer the doorbell – he or she will find the way to drop down your chimney. Even if you don’t have a chimney.

When you don’t get that closure

We all need closures in life, and when it comes to romantic relationships they are a crucial element of a successful healing process. Breakups leave open, bleeding wounds on our hearts, and we all know that a properly applied bandage is one of the first and foremost conditions which will help the wound heal quickly and successfully, leaving minimum or possibly no scarring in the process. So nizagara what do we do when a bandage is not provided?