heart-red30pxIt’s about you, first and foremost. That’s the most important thing, as Petra made me see right from the beginning of our sessions. I happened to read one of Petra’s excellent blog posts which really resonated with me, and I’m really glad I decided to contact her. Our sessions were full of interesting observations, helpful tips, exercises and also a lot of encouragement. Thanks to Petra, I realized that while looking for love, one should appreciate and embrace what he loves about himself, and then finding what his heart wants is much more simple. I learned what I want, what I can improve, and how everything comes together in helping you finding love. Petra, thank you for your invaluable lessons, tips, tools, and of course your kindness 🙂 I’m on a new road, I’m ready for love!

— Daniel, Israel, 2015


I was feeling lost, very alone and pretty desperate about my dating situation. With just three sessions Petra helped me: identify where I was going wrong with the men I chose, narrow down what I was really looking for in a long term partner and my next relationship and most importantly helped me to feel more confident and to see my future more positively. Thank you Petra, your support has been invaluable.

— Brie, UK, 2015


I went seven years without a girlfriend or even a date after a bad breakup and all that time, I was feeling down about it. I decided for New years 2014 that my resolution was to do something about a lack of a girlfriend so I turned to Petra. While most help for finding relationships are aimed for women, it was refreshing to find that Petra understands men too. She helped me gain the confidence in myself that I was worthy of one. Shortly after, I found the most amazing girlfriend who has turned out to be the special girl. Petra however became more than just a relationships coach, she was also a life coach for me and over the next couple of years, helped me get my life back on track after a deep low period. I am now in a successful job and my girlfriend and I are now engaged. Despite Petra moving to Dallas while we had our sessions, the fact that all sessions are over Skype, it arguably worked out for the better as the time difference allowed me to have sessions with Petra after work British time when help can be scarce otherwise. Everyone should give Petra a try, she’s such great help.

— Marc, UK, 2016 (now in a committed relationship)


Petra is a warm, real, and wonderful guide! I felt very comfortable and listened to during my sessions with her. She gave me great tools to build confidence in myself and my romantic life, as well as help focusing in on what I’m specifically looking for in a relationship. My work with her has helped me accept and honor not just what I’d like to receive, but the wonderful things I have to give a partner. I found that perspective shift has already made me feel more relaxed, confident and open, and ‘getting out there’ to meet people a lot more fun.

— Charlotte, USA, 2015


When I first contacted Petra I was in a very low place having broken up with someone. Not only was I depressed, but my self esteem was at rock bottom. I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel. Through working with Petra I was able to put things in perceptive and see there was hope, and things did not always have to be this way. Among the things Petra helped me with was working out exactly what was important to me in someone I would want to live my life with. This involved looking at what I thought would be nice for someone to have, as well as those characteristics that were essential for me to have in any prospective partner. Petra also helped boost my self confidence by helping me to focus on my strengths and abilities, and more importantly characteristics that I had that would be an asset to any partner I had. By doing this exercise I realised that I did have a lot to offer and that it was more a matter of just finding someone who would appreciate it. So, overall I would say Petra really helped my progress to once again look for a suitable partner. I would recommend her to anyone looking to find someone to share their life with.

— Nicholas, UK, 2016 (now in a committed relationship)


I can’t recommend Petra enough. Last year, I contacted her at one of the lowest points during my love life.I felt so lost during my breakup and wasn’t able to look at the bright side of anything. I was completely negative, lost, and felt that I was doomed to ever meet my match. Longing for a way out of my black hole, I contacted Petra in hopes of a clear and constructive approach to overcome the emotional mess I was in. She was attentive, positive and assisted me in taking steps towards a brighter [love] path. She helped me think rationally about what I needed to do for myself and for the broken relationship I was trying to get over. I’m happy to say that I’m in a wonderful new relationship, and with her help I am able to move forward with more more positive and rational approach to love.

— Amanda, Australia, 2014 (now in a committed relationship)


I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Petra. She has a very logical approach to dating issues, which helped me a lot to think clearly and address my current dating issues. Her friendly and outgoing nature is very uplifting and is a great antidote if you are suffering low self esteem.

— Adam, UK, 2014


Over a few sessions Petra helped me think about what exactly it is that I’m looking for in a man. I had never made a concrete list of exactly what I’m looking for (despite thinking about it a lot) but Petra made me do this and talked it through with me. She helped me think about whether the type of guys I may chat up or try to date are really the type of guys I’m looking for… Read more [/dc]

— From a client’s blog post, 2013


I wish to say even though our conversations were via Skype I really enjoyed our sessions. I promised to rename Petra “The Love Doctor” I really feel she understands guys which is incredible because I still feel most women do not listen to what guys are saying and sometimes feel we only want one thing which is no longer true.

— Alvin, UK, 2012


I found Petra on the tail end of yet another disastrous relationship which had led me to doubt everything about myself – my attractiveness, my intelligence and my value as a partner. I was sick and tired of feeling like I picked all the wrong men – always the ones who didn’t want to commit – and I was ready to completely give up on the idea of ever being in a real, mutual relationship. When I started working with Petra, I was apprehensive – but she completely put me at ease. She is relatable, incredibly friendly and an excellent listener – all invaluable qualities in a coach! She understood my situation perfectly and was very caring and encouraging from the get-go. I couldn’t believe the difference our sessions immediately made, not only to the way I felt about myself, but the way I started to look at my dating life.

Working with Petra helped me develop the confidence and the tools to choose a better partner than I’ve had in the past. After our sessions, I felt free – my anxiety about my love life completely shifted and I now feel so much more positive and in control of my life as a whole. I have moved forward with a different, much more confident perspective on love and I have her to thank completely for that. I keep the invaluable advice Petra shared with me saved in my phone at all times and read it through whenever I’m not sure how to deal with a situation or I am having an insecure moment. Working with her was a great investment and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I’m now confident that I will find the right guy for me. I highly, highly recommend.

— Kimberley, UK, 2015


The help I received from Petra was invaluable. Given that my relationships were not lasting beyond 6 months, I must have been doing something wrong. On the dating scene, I was being unsuccessful with all the girls I was dating and despite my best efforts, for one reason or another, none of the dates developed into a proper relationship. I did not want this situation to continue like this and begrudgingly I had to seek help from an expert in this field which brought me into contact with Petra.[/dc]

— D.S., UK, 2012  (now in a committed relationship)


Overall I find Petra to be ethical, caring, patient and supportive. I have had four sessions with her and I do use other sources of information to increase my understanding of what I need to do to help myself. I think it is important for any prospective client to understand that sessions with Petra are not a ‘quick fix’ and developing skills leading to a constructive outcome will take time.

— Sheila, UK, 2015