Have you been single for a long time?

Or constantly in and out of relationships that never seem to stick?

Is “it’s complicated” your usual relationship status?

Disappointed and frustrated with your romantic track record?


Love doesn’t happen to me. Maybe something is wrong with me.
I can’t fall in love. I rarely find myself attracted to someone.
I fear I’ll stay single forever.
I always fall for (emotionally or literally) unavailable partners.
I’m not attractive/interesting enough.
There’s nothing wrong with me. Why can’t I find someone?
Nobody asks me out on dates. Or at least nobody I really like.
I often get rejected when I ask people out.
I always fall for a certain type and it’s “Mr/s Wrong”
I still have feelings for my ex. There is nobody better out there for me.
My dates often “disappear” and dump me without explanation.
My criteria is very high. I can’t seem to find anyone who fits them.

Welcome! You are at the right place. I know how that feels – and I know what needs to happen if you want it to change.


Some time ago, I was right there where you are today. Hoping – and often losing hope – that love will finally come my way. Love with a big fat L.

Not yet another relationship that will break my heart. Not another two-date fling. Not another year of being single-doom-ed. I had two relationships that lasted for years and were mostly happy… but still ended in tears and heartbreak.

I was well into my thirties, my last serious relationship ended years ago. I was exploring every opportunity and being very active on the dating scene – but somehow it wasn’t happening.

I wondered: is something wrong with me, or with the world? Why do I keep making bad relationship choices? It was either wrong match, wrong timing, or both.

The main problem, as I thought, was lack of suitable partners.

I was rarely meeting anyone I liked who was also available and interested. No matter how hard I looked, there seemed to be no good matches out there for me. I was almost sure that the level of connection and understanding I was looking for isn’t possible.

And I had a certain fear that maybe, just maybe… the issue is me. What if nobody can love and accept all of me, the total package?

I didn’t want to admit defeat, so I kept looking for this man… the one I was practically sure didn’t exist.

In the process, I was learning many things about myself. The most important one was that changing how I see myself was somehow related to the type of men I was meeting.

I began to understand that the dates and partners I was attracting were a result of how I felt about myself and my chances to find what I was looking for, not the other way around.

Uh-oh. It wasn’t the world that was keeping me away from what I wanted: it was me.

I realised I became so convinced I couldn’t find the right partner – that the world was merely giving me proof of that belief. If I wanted a different experience, I had to challenge my thinking. I wasn’t sure that was the right way to go – but it seemed the only one I haven’t tried yet.

This didn’t happen overnight, so it enabled me to observe what was going on in and around me, and notice the gradual change in my experiences which came as a result of the change in my thinking. My “luck” in love turned and I met the man who is now my husband.

When I stopped thinking it is too hard to find love and I am not ready because my life isn’t “perfectly sorted” – it happened. And much faster than I thought it would.

I am now in a relationship in which I am loved and appreciated just the way I am. It’s based on mutual respect, support and understanding – and lots of fun.



Maybe it sounds like a fantasy to you now. Maybe you think – oh you were just lucky. But It has nothing to do with luck.

Finding love looks like a random process only when we don’t understand its inner workings. And for most people they remain hidden throughout their entire life. That’s why we collectively think love just “happens”.

That’s why so many of us have so much trouble with romantic relationships: we don’t know we can learn to be successful in love.

Your thoughts, attitude and feelings play a key role in that success: how you see yourself as a person and as a partner, how much you value yourself, what you believe about love and relationships. All that shapes the nature of your experiences, and no outside influence is more powerful then you.

If you don’t think what you want is possible – it will be very hard to get it no matter how much you try to make it happen. Only when you start aligning your thoughts and feelings with your wishes will the quality of your experiences start to change.

I know this change is not easy either, but it’s the only way that brings results. Real, permanent ones. There is no going back – your love life will change for good.

I can guide you through that change. I know the obstacles on your path very well, and I’ll help you overcome them.

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I can’t recommend Petra enough. Last year, I contacted her at one of the lowest points during my love life.I felt so lost during my breakup and wasn’t able to look at the bright side of anything. I was completely negative, lost, and felt that I was doomed to ever meet my match. Longing for a way out of my black hole, I contacted Petra in hopes of a clear and constructive approach to overcome the emotional mess I was in. She was attentive, positive and assisted me in taking steps towards a brighter [love] path. She helped me think rationally about what I needed to do for myself and for the broken relationship I was trying to get over. I’m happy to say that I’m in a wonderful new relationship, and with her help I am able to move forward with more more positive and rational approach to love. — Amanda, Australia



Petra Kreatschman is a love and relationship coach, guide and mentor. In 2010 she decided to end her marketing career and start one that will get her closer to fulfilling her passion of helping people live happier lives. She trained as a life coach with The Coaching Academy UK, and continued to specialise in relationship coaching.

Today Petra connects with men and women from all over the world sharing her love tips through her popular blog. She runs courses and coaches individual clients to help them remove obstacles on their path to love, so they can find great partners and create happy relationships.

Petra is happily married today, but she has been on that bumpy road to love and knows very well how hard it is to see what you’re doing wrong, and understand why you can’t seem to find happiness in love. She has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the dynamic of love and believes that with the right approach it is possible for every man and woman to find a great matching partner.

Petra’s passion for travel and burning desire to explore the world through people, places and experiences prompted her to leave her home country, Croatia -and took her on a journey that changed her life in ways she never even thought possible. Since then she lived in several different corners of the world and is currently based in USA (Dallas).

In her time off Petra enjoys travelling, photography, nature, deep conversations, connecting with new and old friends, admiring human expression and creativity, books that challenge her thinking, and anything and everything that can make her life more fun, rich and fulfilled.