How to manifest a great match


Manifesting (or creating) your own reality is a very powerful concept, but most people are not sure whether it’s a real thing. And if it is – how exactly does it work?

If we are creators of our lives, and we can create consciously (intentionally), why can’t we create the reality that we want?

There are a lot of misconceptions around manifesting, and what needs to happen for us to manifest a desired reality or outcome.

I made this video blog to explain that process, and answer some burning questions around manifesting your right love match. Here are some of them:

How does manifesting work and can I use it to attract the love I want?
What really goes on when I try to manifest things in my (love) life?
Why can’t I manifest the partner I want?
What about all the wrong matches so far, did I manifest that too?



Tell me how you feel about manifesting. Does it work for you?
If you have an experience or an opinion to share, I’d love to hear it in the comments.

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