Practice love, don’t just wait for it

We think love is something we have to “get” from other people, but that’s not true – love is in us, love is around us, and the more we notice and appreciate it in every aspect of our lives, the more of it we will get from others too.

Love is universal – it doesn’t pick whether it will be between you and your partner or a friend, sibling, your pet, or some beautiful landscape or object.

So guess what, my single friend: you already have a love life!

When you let love grow inside you, you create a strong invite for it to come into your life from all directions.

You love yourself more, you love your life more and your life loves you back. You meet people and create circumstances that help you love more and feel more alive – and you stop feeling lonely and isolated, even when you are not in a romantic relationship.

And then the true magic happens: when you don’t feel like you need someone to fulfill you, complete you, save you, make the loneliness go away – the perfect partner appears in your life.

How to make that magic happen for you? Watch in this video.



How do you practice love?

What inspires you, what makes you feel alive, what brings more love into your life?

Thank you for sharing!

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2 Responses

  1. Sheila says:

    As a long term fan of Petra I have only just discovered that what she says in this post is absolutely true.
    It took time and work on my part – and I let things develop in their own way. I reached the point where I fell in love with myself and my situation. It feels wonderful. I am still single but that is only one part of my great big jigsaw.
    Hang on in there guys. I never believed Id get where I am but I did!
    Best wishes.

  2. Aurelia says:

    Petra, again your words resonate in me deeply. I do believe that nurturing yourself makes you more in touch with feelings of love. That can come in different forms and ways such as practicing a passion like dancing, socializing, meditation, arts, coaching, etc. It genuinely starts with making that decision to be love. Sometimes I am so pleased with myself that I smile for no apparent reason 🙂
    Take care.

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