When trust is broken

Trust is one of the biggest things in any relationship. Can we love someone if we don’t trust them? Can we be happy? We can tolerate lack of trust, but it creates tremendous emotional turmoil and grief.

Some people fear relationships because their trust has been broken before. They can’t bear the thought of it happening again.

Sometimes we expect full honesty, but forget we need to reciprocate too.

Trust is a complex topic, and one we cannot ignore when we talk about love, intimacy and connection.

How to build or re-build trust, and what you can do to minimise your fears around trust and being let down:


Do you find it easy or hard to trust people?

Has your trust been broken?

Did you break someone’s trust and find it hard to forgive yourself?

Do trust issues that create problems in your relationships?

Thank you for sharing and contributing to the discussion.

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5 Responses

  1. kathy says:

    I love you down to earth personal style. I don’t know if other people have this problem, but the sound quality of your videos makes it very hard to hear you, even with full volume turned up.

  2. anonimous says:

    Hi Petra,

    My boyfriend lied to me about one thing or actually he hid some facts about it (not too significant and happened before we started dating), he said that he was afraid that I won’t believe in his feelings for me. He says this was the one and only thing he ever lied to me about. However, ever since then I started feeling like everything what he says is a lie. Is that just an overreaction? Or is the person who lied once will lie again and again? Is it possible for someone to lie or hide something just once? (and I’m not talking about some small things)

    Thank you!

    • Petra says:

      It could be this was just one thing. It could be the other way around. If you haven’t caught him lying since and he is in general trustworthy maybe it’s just your insecurity talking. Best talk about this with him and be honest about how you feel, that will help clear the air if it was really just that one thing. Think about it this way: if we want to be with people who are completely honest we have to be completely honest too. So be honest to get honesty.

  3. hannah says:

    I thought I was in love before, we had an amazing time we’ve known eachother since I was a child. Then teenage girls came, and so did drama. We broke apart he told me he still loved me, but that wasn’t true. He called me everyday after he left, and one day we stopped calling. I was so angry at him, I tried and tried to get over him, and finally i did. After a while I didn’t really think about him,and today he called. I was doing all of my homework and my sister came in saying, “Hey, guess who it is!” i said i’m guessing you? She laughed and i was a little confused and then my dad yelled ” Is that ….?!” She yelled yeah it is!! I rolled my eyes looked down and went back in my room. I never thought i would ever hear from his lying mouth ever again. I guess I was wrong…..:)

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