How to be (more) attractive?

When we say someone is attractive, we usually refer to their looks. But that is only the first, “skin-deep” part of anyone’s attractiveness.

If you are struggling to find or keep a relationship, and you don’t consider yourself attractive – it’s easy to conclude that looks are the issue.

But there is definitely more to you than your looks – and there is definitely more to being attractive than what the eye can see. And there is a lot you can do to make yourself more attractive, without altering your looks one bit.

Here is how to become more attractive to your potential partners:



Do you feel attractive? What are the features that make you attractive?

What makes you attracted to others?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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6 Responses

  1. Ms Jones says:

    Hi Petra –

    I guess I am the first to comment. I like this video very much. It is very positive about appreciating oneself from where one is – the authentic self. Can always spruce myself up a little more to attract more attention, but the guy that is going to really like me is going for the true essence of me and vice versa. I think this point comes across in the video very well. Also from having been hurt and rejected I previous relationships it is important to know that I am essentially the same lovable person I have always been and that just because it didn’t work out with man A or B (or CDE…) doesn’t mean I am not okay the way I am. My feelings may have taken a blow, but I am still okay. And sometimes it is important to look in the mirror if I have just been “letting it go”. Maybe I need a spa day at the gym or something good to treat myself and feel and look better.
    Thank you for this hopeful upbeat video!
    Ms Jones

    • Petra says:

      Thank you for being the first one and breaking the ice with comments 🙂 Your comments are spot on and provide great insight. Thank you so much.

  2. Scott Jennings says:

    At the risk of sounding conceited, I don’t think that physical attractiveness was ever a problem for me personally but I get the feeling that when women get romantically involved with me they decide that I’m not actually relationship material or perhaps my personality is what drives them away, I don’t know. Maybe they were attracted to my appearance but then got turned off by my personality; perhaps I’m to blame.

    • Petra says:

      Maybe you need to think about what attracts you, and what kind of girl would be a good match. When you know that there will be less hit-and-miss experiences, and less disappointment.

      • Scott Jennings says:

        I try not to hold with the conventional way of focusing on “types” ever since I read your article: Are looks really important? (I put a comment on that article that you might appreciate). Any kind of girl could be my kind of girl and be a good match for me. My last girlfriend, who I’ve mentioned a few times by now, wasn’t what I always considered to be my type but I ended up falling hard for her any way. I’ve read a few of the comments by other people who said that they had an ideal image in their heads of the perfect partner but wound up becoming attached to someone who was different to what they thought they would get and it struck a chord with me because I experienced the exact same thing myself; I hope to experience another pleasant surprise one day soon. Even if I think I’ve got an idea of what the right kind of girl is for me I could still get it wrong; the kind of girl who would be a good match for me would be someone who loves me and cares about me and whose company and intimacy I enjoy immensely and who inspires me to spend my time trying to make this person more happy than myself. Everything else about her is an unknown mystery to me waiting to be discovered; who needs types when you’ve got true uniqueness of beauty and character?

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