Oh no, not another “how to survive Valentine’s Day” post

Yes it’s that time of year, I know. Did you notice that Valentine’s Day is slowly, but surely, taking the title of most-hated holiday of the year? Which sort of… defies its purpose a bit, doesn’t it? Single people dislike it by default. Coupled people are annoyed by it because if makes them feel guilty of underperforming if they don’t feel at least 20 percent more in love on the day.

In fact, I have yet to meet one person that is cheerfully and sincerely looking forward to Valentine’s Day. I know a lot of those whose eyes brighten with joy up when they talk about Christmas, whether they are single or not. Christmas has that something about it that makes our hearts warm. But Valentine’s? Mmm…. not really.

Many people just don’t care, but still hate to be reminded of it. Some get really upset and annoyed. Many would rather just spend the day like any other. I wrote about this already last year (yes, right about this time of year!) – how Valentine’s just has the wrong image. Instead of celebrating love it makes us all feel a bit lonelier and less loved.

But don’t worry, I am not really here to tell you how to survive Valentine’s. I think there’s plenty of advice already out there, and all it does, really, is just draw more attention to the fact that you have to do something special in order to not feel unloved on the day whose purpose is celebrating love.

No, we’re not going to fight Valentine’s blues together – but, I don’t think we should ignore the holiday either. Most likely it won’t go away any time soon, so why not start looking at it in a different way. What if we just make it actually and truly all about love? All that love we give and share with everyone and everything we care for. A day to remember love in all its shapes and sizes!

Instead of romantic dinner dates, let’s make this day about giving. Giving is pure love! And you don’t have to spend money on flowers or heart-shaped chocolates, just give hugs to your loved ones. Give them your time, give them your attention. Give them a surprise call. Ask them how they feel, and truly listen what they have to say. Give them that feeling they matter to you.

How many times we find ourselves guilty of neglecting or ignoring the very ones closest to us? So let’s use this day to remind us of the fact that we are loved, we love and we have so many sources and objects of love in our lives already.

And you know what, if we all do that for a day, not only will we feel good about being able to give love, we will actually feel more loved too. We’ll create more love all over the place. We’ll purposefully, intentionally and deliberately spread love in the world! And you know what else… if we do it for a day, we might start liking it. And we might decide not to wait for another 365 days to repeat it again.

My dear reader, thank you so much for visiting and reading my content. Wish you a wonderful V-day full of giving, and don’t forget… love is in the air. It really is! Just grab it and give it to someone. Anyone. We can all do with a bit more love in our lives. There’s never too much of that groovy stuff 🙂


How does Valentine’s Day make you feel?
Do you like my idea how we can re-frame it into a big juicy feast of Love?
Thanks for commenting!

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  1. edwin says:

    V-day is great when I have someone in my life that day, otherwise I ignore it.

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