Why nice guys rock

It’s incredible how many girls fall for guys who treat them like doormats. And we all know why: bad boys are more fun! Nice guys are, you know… boring. Right? Well let’s see if we can bust that myth.

When you ask a girl what she likes about bad boys – the usual answer is: being with them is exciting. They are charismatic, mysterious, intriguing, a bit wild, passionate and full of surprises. You never know what they’ll do next… but they always look so damn confident doing it!

The problem is – those same traits you find irresistible is exactly what makes a bad boy so much trouble. Unpredictable, afraid of a committed relationship, selfish and self-absorbed: his independence is always more important to him than you, the (aspiring) girlfriend. You can never be sure whether he’s really into you, and that’s not a great place to be.

Girls get hooked on this idea that they’ll be that special one who will manage to catch him, and that makes him even more of a challenge. We want to change him. Show him love. Cure him from his emotionally-unavailable state of being.

Yeah, right. I dare you to show me one example where that actually worked.

If you’re into the bad-boy type – nice guys seem to lack that spark that turns you on. The good ones are too easy. They care for you and make you feel loved, but they don’t give you the thrill. They’re always there, reliable, comfortable, supportive, want to please you, they are simply – too safe. Too predictable. Hm.

I don’t know about you, but I like a guy who treats me like I am truly precious to him. In my world, that’s the biggest turn-on. A guy who is completely into me. Who wants to make me happy. And I don’t see anything boring in that.

I think the problem is that most women don’t see there is a viable alternative to nice guys with boring personality. And they are – bingo! – nice guys with a great, fun, passionate personality. Yes girls – boys can be both interesting and nice. And those are the ones you should look for. They will make you laugh, surprise you with an amazing gift or an unexpected trip, and make you feel amazingly sexy and wanted.

And they will do that without letting you down, making you wait for that call that never comes, or wonder whether they’re flirting with half of the club when they go out without you. They are simply great fun guys who have their own life, dreams and passions – but also happen to be totally into you.

Where to find them? Well, surprisingly or not – they are all around, They don’t really roam anywhere different than you. But for a start, you have to believe they actually exist. Then they might start magically appearing in your life too!

p.s. This post is gender biased which I normally avoid – so I hope, if you are a guy looking for a girl, you can relate to the core message, and apply the advice as well.


What type of guys (or girls) do you fall for? Are you happy with your choices?
Tell me about your experience!

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